SHAPL Laptop Stand

SHAPL Laptop Stand

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    by SHAPL

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Introducing the SHAPL’s adjustable aluminum Laptop Stand! This stand is designed to allow you to set up an office anywhere! A light weight aluminum frame is eas


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SHAPL Laptop Stand
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  • SHAPL Laptop Stand
    by SHAPL

Product information

  • Product Dimensions
    260 x 240 x [height : 0 ~ 230] mm (10.2 x 9.4 x height : 0 ~ 9 inches)
  • Product Weight
    0.95kg (2.09lb)
  • Product Materials
  • What’s in the Box
    Aluminum stand 
  • Shipping Information
    Estimated Arrival : 04/28 ~ 06/06
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Product Use Details

Raise your laptop screen (by 6”/15cm) to an eye level for improved posture with our ergonomically designed laptop stand. It has inclined (approx. 30º angle) solid aluminum plate with raised front edge and non-slip pad to keep your laptop in place. Enjoy more space and keep you laptop cool with an open space underneath the stand.


Creates More Space, the SHAPL Laptop Aluminum Stand holds your laptop in a vertical, upright position to maximize your valuable desk or table space. Sturdy Aluminum Stand, constructed with durable anodized aluminum so you’ll never worry again about your devices falling over. Save your Neck, for you to avoid neck and muscle discomfort, a great way to help improve the ergonomics is to use a height adjustable SHAPL laptop stand. Avoid Overheating, the aluminum material itself has endothermic function, help to reduce laptops temperature naturally.

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We always try hard to offer products with best quality, but there are still a few cautions you need to keep in mind so that you can love them a little longer. First, please don't drop them! Although it's made of durable material, you still need to handle your products in a gentle caress. Dropping from a distance is the primary cause for deteriorated functionality. Also, be careful when you put something too hot. Some of them can endure hot temperature but when it's too hot, it might burn your fingers. Please be advised that any kind of extreme shock on the products can lead to potential breakage. So do care for them with affection and give them some attention. For kitchenware, please lightly rinse before you use the product just to make sure you don't take any dust or something. One last thing, electronic devices can be damaged by water, so keep 'em away from it!

Thank you so much for shopping with SHAPL and please take care of your products with love. It means a lot to us!
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