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Cactus Cup Set


Cactus Cup Set

  • $ 16.99 USD

    Cactus Cup Set

    • $ 16.99 USD

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Detail Photos

Cactus  Cup Set photo 03
Cactus Cup Set photo 1
Cactus  Cup Set photo 03
Cactus Cup Set photo 1
Cactus  Cup Set photo 03
Cactus Cup Set photo 1
Cactus  Cup Set photo 03
Cactus Cup Set photo 1
  • Product specs

    • Measurements & dimensions
      157x 144 x 297mm (6.18x 5.6x 11.6 inches)
    • Materials
      Melamine, ABS, PLA
    • Weight
      Cactus cup - 60g / Flowerpot - 120g
    • What’s in the Box
      Cactus Cup, Flowerpot
    • Shipping Info
      Estimated Arrival : 10/23 ~ 12/01
      When receiving your purchase, please understand import tax and VAT might be applied. Rates may vary depending on your country.
    • Product Use Details
      Make the most of your cabinet space with Airtight Glass Canister Set. This stackable set comes in various sizes to help you store and organize efficiently. Ideal for pasta, coffee beans, grains, dried fruits, and more, the airtight glass canister seals to keep foods fresher and longer. The unique design of the lid with a "lock handle" allows you to seal the canister with one hand. The adjustable month indicator on top of the lid shows the month you've stored the food. The premium food grade silicone and eco-friendly ABS material completely blocks from absorbing food odor. The high borosilicate glass bears temperature from -20℃ to 150℃, and you can directly expose the glass body to boil the food inside.
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