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Join us on our adventure to the new world filled with good designs and respect for those who appreciate them.

"We want to see both designers and consumers benefit from our service. We serve everyone who appreciates good design.

Low risks for designers and low price for consumers. This is where we put all our effort in and this is what we believe will change the whole game."

So, we have developed a service where consumers can get a product they want at remarkably affordable price.

There are three factors that mark up the price of a product: distribution cost, marketing cost, and the cost of packaging that requires human labor. We managed to minimize these costs. We, as the manufacturer, ship directly to you without middle men distribution and the design of the product and the price of it work as the best marketing tool. Also, we do minimal packaging and send products knocked down so you can simply assemble them by yourself thereby reducing the shipping cost. This is how we provide quality products with a good design at unbelievably affordable price.

Most of the businesses nowadays try to build a business model that can minimize their own risks. This is why the world is booming with platform businesses which arrange exchange between consumers and producers, and get commission for the transaction. However, we are in a belief that a platform should take more responsibility and involvement so that the users can engage themselves without a hesitation. We work more and you enjoy more. This is what we think a true way to satisfy our customers.

We love good designs. And we love anyone who appreciates good designs. So we put our best effort to hunt for the best designs and presenting them at the best price possible. What came to our mind was that designers want to see a success of their own products, but for them, it takes a huge risk to release the designs without any guarantee for success. For consumers, they are in endless search for the best deal, but the products they like are usually overpriced. We want to see both designers and consumers benefit from our service.

That’s how we developed our business to current SHAPL.

We started as a manufacturing company in 2012. However, there were two setbacks we stumbled upon, which prompted us to incorporate platform aspect to our service. First, “We cannot continuously create the designs that consumers will always want.” We came to a realization that with limited number of designers and decision-makers we had, we couldn’t make all the products we had a hit product as they might not be ‘universally appealing.’ Second, “We cannot fully satisfy consumers with just good designs only.”

We were faced with the harsh reality of the market that it’s hard to impress consumers even though we successfully make cool products they might like.

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SHAPL is made of five belief keywords.



Helping you with our sincere heart.

Our utmost priority is you. We aim all our attention at you with sincerity. To make your dreams come true and become something bigger, we’re starting a journey with you.



Innovation achieved through harmony.

Designers with passion and drive for their dreams and consumers constantly hunting for the best deal gather at SHAPL to accomplish e-Commerce innovation through cooperation.



Place where only your ability matters.

We don’t ask designers for other skill sets. Regardless of the background, career or anything, If he or she can create a design that talks to people, anyone can become a renowned designer through SHAPL.



So you can actively partake with pleasure.

Designers derive joy from the success of their designs and consumers enjoy getting cool products at good price. We strive to bring happiness to you thereby you want to take part and share your passion.



Serving and caring for you with love.

We take huge responsibility and risks. That’s because you are why we exist. We serve you with all our heart and love in hopes that you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

SHAPL`s Brand Story


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SHAPL sevice description

There are a number of designers around the world but only few get to have a chance to release their own products. As an industrial designer himself, Jin, the CEO of SHAPL, wanted to support designers and help them achieve their dreams. At SHAPL, designers submit their designs and if they get more than set number of likes, they’re manufactured and sold to consumers from all over the world.

SHAPL takes care of everything else so designers could only think about good designs and have no risk. Designers receive royalty per sale as a reward when the design is developed into a product. This is how you take one step closer to your dreams by seeing your products come to life while consumers get products they want at unbelievable prices. Join us on our journey to the world with better designs. Like, Make, Sell.

Watching the news the other day, it occurred to me that people who have “words to live by” often begin to attack and even kill others. I thought back to my own angry youth, when I could easily use words to justify violent thoughts which might have become violent actions. Words are tools, and yet it seems that they can be more dangerous than gunpowder.

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